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The Creepy & Crawly Social Media "Followers"

Since it's the spirit of Halloween I thought I'd talk about the creepy and the crawly followers we get and remember that we need to remember to protect ourselves online. 
Social media is an awesome place to connect with friends, prospects and so much more. My self included sometimes don't think of the dangers of social media, and how to protect ourselves. 
Here are some things to think about when doing social media. 
If you are a blogger and are posting photos of your family watch out for geo tags and location tagging. It is always best to take photos and post them after you are back home this way people are not aware you are not home at that time. It's always a great idea to not post details of places where your children frequent. 
If you are doing family posts online make up a nickname for them online. This keeps from their real name being out in the public eye and with all the creepy things that could happen if you put a fake name online that your child doesn't…

Business and being your TRUE self

Have you heard that not everyone is your ideal customer or client? This is true in every type of business. It doesn't matter if you sell shoes or if you rake leaves. These things are a struggle to figure out if you want to continue to work with certain folks and or businesses.

I have even struggled with being my true self in business. I was trying so hard to get any clients that I didn't care if they weren't right for me. I just wanted to work with everyone. Well this finally caught up to me. I have worked with a few different people who drained me physically and mentally.

After this I got out my notebook and wrote pros and cons of working with people / companies and if I should continue.

Being true to your self is something that is tough, but remember your type of people that will get you and understand what you are doing on and in your business are out there.

Reading a few different blogs and facebook groups has helped me realize that in order for me to even succeed I n…

BAM- Business and Marketing

BAM- Business and Marketing

Whew- this week has been super crazy. What else is new? Business makes everyone's business crazy.
After starting up with two new clients this week I have been working on some new ideas for my self included. Implementing each and every idea is going to take some time but it is amazing to be doing my business in the way that I have always dreamed. 

It is always said that you struggle until you struggle no more and then you going to struggle a little more. That is how life works. I am saying remember that no success is too small. This past week, I have gotten over my head cold and gained two new amazing clients. That is a success. You woke up today that is a success. 
BAM = Business and Marketing is something I am going to start doing on Fridays every week where I have a business and marketing tip that I am to share and go a little more in depth in that topic. 
Please put it on your calendar that Next Friday we will be talking about Businesses and Twitter …

365 Thursday

would you like some pie?

It's HumpDay

WOAH! Where has this month gone? Dealing with so many changes in my life is something I am still working on.. Becoming sick is never something you want to happen either. That is what I am working on. It is allergy season, and of course we are moving to a new building at my 9-5 job so dust and other particles are being stirred up and it is causing tons of breathing problems.

In the midst of all of this I have decided that I am going to take on some clients for social media managing. I started this business with this in the back of my mind. This is why it is named Studio 1415, instead of photography. Because my business is going to grow to be so much more.

This step of Social Media Management, I am working with some great companies and I am excited to extend this amazing service even more! As for today's part of the 365... Well I was going to post this disgusting picture of my toilet paper to prove that I am sick but I will spare everyone.

I am working on a beer project and this pro…

Tuesday 365

Sometimes projects need a little light!

Another quick 365 post

Busy bees make the most honey right? Well that is what I am working on making honey so here is an update of my daily 365... Day 10 Happy Colmbus day!

The Last Day

Well we have made it back home, in the grand scheme of things I wish I was still on vacation, so here is just a Sunday post that shows a 365 of us and the fun we had today!

Day 9

Family Trips = Business evaluation

Family trips are always my favorite. I love going to different places seeing different things, or even going to the same places but do something different. This weekend we decided to take a family trip. It gets to be exhausting sometimes all the planning we have to do in these trips but everything is always well worth it.  This trip we decided to go see some fall colors.

October is almost always peak time for leaves and leave changing in Wisconsin. I love watching things change and the reference for business or life reflection as well.

For me time away equals so many things, like right now I am blogging on the hotel wifi which isn't the best but it will work, while watching my child play in the pool with other children.

All of this brings reflection, like how much this time means to me. I don't like to swim but I like to watch her have fun.  So then I think about my business and how I don't like not having clients but getting my name out there isn't the easiest either…

Homecoming 2016

Gosh where does time go? I haven't been to a high school football game since 2003. Oddly enough A LOT has changed. I am not sure we had fireworks when I was younger, our marching band was a highlight of the halftime show and our cheerleading squad was about 4 people.

Fast forward to year 2016 and there are only 50 ish members of the marching band, and what seemed like just as many cheerleaders.

Looking back you wonder what happened and how things have changed. It was an amazing experience to be apart of back then.

Tonight I went to support the community. It is nice to have a place to belong to, where your children are going to grow up rooting for the same teams and where they will get to know some of the same places you did.

Here are a few images from the first half of the game.. It got a little too chilly out for the second half.
But the score turned out in Wautoma's favor! * which was hardly the case when I was in school *  42- 6 Congrats Wautoma Hornets on a great game play…


Throwback to when I didn't know what I was doing at night.... And before I had a business name. Gosh things to think about!

Burning thoughts

We all have challenges in our lives, sometimes these challenges bring us up to the highest we can be and then bring us back down again, sometimes these challenges keep us down for a lot longer than we ever expected we could be down.

In social media we see everything now days. There were times growing up you didn't know the neighbors were struggling so hard. Thanks to things like Facebook we are all able to see in realtime what is going on with people wither it is because they are working on something or because something has happened in their personal lives people like to post about it and to have their feelings heard.

I always see posts where people are commenting saying I wish I could help.. Well why can't you? I have recently taken a new turn on somethings in life, and positivity is one of them. If you say your going to or want to help figure out something that would be helpful. Did you know even being a person they can send a message to about how they are doing is more tha…

Night Barns 365

Night barn shooting sometimes you have to wait for that perfect time to take a photo well at sunset with the silhouette of the barn while doing a drive by. Sometimes you get lucky and take the best photo that situation. 365 days of photos that is the goal. So today this brings in a night sky photo!

See ya in the morning!

Day 3 of 365

Wanted to get the 365 in before I went to bed. While I didn't forget about it I was debating on what I actually wanted to photograph. So tonight's photo consists of something old, trash to some but food to others.

Have a great night!

Motivation Monday

Setting up a new business is tough as it is.. being strong when you just want to scream your head off is another job I am not sure I am ready for..  I have to remain positive.  I keep telling my self that no matter what the circumstances are I need to stay positive so this is me creating new motivational drawings to help my self remember that this is going to be tough and I am going to get through it.

Social Media and Photography go hand in hand. Building content for any sort of page needs to be visual. People are even getting bored with photos and want more so videos is the next hot thing but there is still a place in everyone's hearts for a good photo, or a photo that brings back a memory or a photo that invokes thought. This has been one of my struggles from the start. I was always looking at where my next customer was going to come from instead of how to make a client keep coming back.

Then the birth of social media happened. Myspace was amazing you found people that you never…

The makings of a 365 blogger.

Day two! 
Day two of my 365 challenge each day this is going to get harder and harder to find something to photograph or do, to change things up and to create things people have never seen. But to be honest photography is all about one persons point of view. I am excited to share this adventure with you. 
Being apart of some of challenges or things that get your creative juices flowing helps in so many different ways, but on social media having creative unique content always makes people stop and think about what you are up too. 

How about doing something different every day. That is my goal, to read or do something different every day to help myself grow. Today I am photographing something different. This photo is actually junk on my desk edited with some apps on my phone to look this way. I am excited how it turned out! 
You can be amazed on how some of the apps on the phones work. This app was Circular the photo editing app.  This app can be found on the Apple App store, I am not …

Welcome October!

Welcome October

Photography is a tough business, especially with all the smart phones that are in the world and all the people that want to be a photographer with the DSLR cameras.

The thing we have to look at that brings the most to us is that we are happy in what we are doing and where we are doing it.

In the photography business portraits are most people's bread and butter. If you don't do portraits then you are not making money. Well I don't want that to be true in any case. I want to be able to make money with photography in many different ways.

Social media is one of the best ways to get your name out in the public's eye. Do something major and no one will ever forget it. Do nothing and no one will ever know you existed.

My goal is to do something MAJOR!

This is the NEW launch of Studio 1415, Which stands for Social Media & Photography.

This relaunch brings in my favorite things. Social Media Marketing and Photography. Social media is a great outlet to get ou…