BAM- Business and Marketing

Whew- this week has been super crazy. What else is new? Business makes everyone's business crazy.

After starting up with two new clients this week I have been working on some new ideas for my self included. Implementing each and every idea is going to take some time but it is amazing to be doing my business in the way that I have always dreamed. 

It is always said that you struggle until you struggle no more and then you going to struggle a little more. That is how life works. I am saying remember that no success is too small. This past week, I have gotten over my head cold and gained two new amazing clients. That is a success. You woke up today that is a success. 

BAM = Business and Marketing is something I am going to start doing on Fridays every week where I have a business and marketing tip that I am to share and go a little more in depth in that topic. 

Please put it on your calendar that Next Friday we will be talking about Businesses and Twitter Marketing.