We all have challenges in our lives, sometimes these challenges bring us up to the highest we can be and then bring us back down again, sometimes these challenges keep us down for a lot longer than we ever expected we could be down.

In social media we see everything now days. There were times growing up you didn't know the neighbors were struggling so hard. Thanks to things like Facebook we are all able to see in realtime what is going on with people wither it is because they are working on something or because something has happened in their personal lives people like to post about it and to have their feelings heard.

I always see posts where people are commenting saying I wish I could help.. Well why can't you? I have recently taken a new turn on somethings in life, and positivity is one of them. If you say your going to or want to help figure out something that would be helpful. Did you know even being a person they can send a message to about how they are doing is more than they had before. Be there for people in more than one way.

Positivity is a catching thing. If you are kind and positive to others karma will bring that back to you! This same concept can go in business. Business sometimes ignore peoples problems and go for sales well no, that is not always the way to do things. In my business I am always a sales person, if I am not selling someone else I am selling myself.  I look at the differences of listening and listening some more, and just pushing something on someone and where it's gotten me. So far listening has gotten me a lot further than pushing. People want to be heard, you are there to hear them.  Your problems are not their problems and they have enough to deal with, so they don't want to listen to yours.  Make a difference today and listen if that is all you can do!