Have you heard that not everyone is your ideal customer or client? This is true in every type of business. It doesn't matter if you sell shoes or if you rake leaves. These things are a struggle to figure out if you want to continue to work with certain folks and or businesses.

I have even struggled with being my true self in business. I was trying so hard to get any clients that I didn't care if they weren't right for me. I just wanted to work with everyone. Well this finally caught up to me. I have worked with a few different people who drained me physically and mentally.

After this I got out my notebook and wrote pros and cons of working with people / companies and if I should continue.

Being true to your self is something that is tough, but remember your type of people that will get you and understand what you are doing on and in your business are out there.

Reading a few different blogs and facebook groups has helped me realize that in order for me to even succeed I need to be me. I can't pretend that I am someone I am not SO I am changing to be my true self.

I have looked at businesses and thought "oh man I'd love to work with that company" but what I wasn't thinking about is truly why I want to work with them. What draws me in? What makes me happy.

I love feeling like I am making a difference. I am a person who likes to be told good job and proof that I am doing a good job sometimes in forms of awards or certificates. Yes, I am that type of person. I can't say that I am not.

This also goes in my business, rewards for me are my clients telling me positive things and them succeeding, because in my mind them succeeding gives them more money to pay me to do something I love to do. Other rewards in my business are likes, follows, and views. These things excite me.

It is who I am. I am also going to put some other information out in the world that I usually don't share. I am a Wiccan, lesbian, a wife and a mother. I support LGBT businesses and I love connecting with people who understand what it is like to be happy in life and not worry about what others think.

Being my true self was tough for me because I want to make this business grow and I thought I needed every client possible to get my name out there. I've realized as long as I am good at what I do those other things that make me, who I am and make me happy won't matter to my clients and customers.

Three things to help you back to your TRUE self:

Find out why you did this in the first place: 

You need to remember that it is important to know your business plan and why you started this business, what drew you to it, where did it change, and how can you be happy doing it again?

Figure out your next steps:

Next steps in business, while I am not sure what the next steps in my business are, it is truly the next step. You need to figure out where your business is going to take you next and what you are going to do to make it successful.

Do something for you:
It's also time to work on your self so make your self happy figure out what is the best way to go about things and figure things out then, take some you time. Go get a new wardrobe, take some amazing headshots, get a hair cut or get a new tattoo. Do something that will make you feel good about your self and your new adventure.

When all is said and done being you is the only person you can be so don't try to be anyone else!