Family trips are always my favorite. I love going to different places seeing different things, or even going to the same places but do something different. This weekend we decided to take a family trip. It gets to be exhausting sometimes all the planning we have to do in these trips but everything is always well worth it.  This trip we decided to go see some fall colors.

October is almost always peak time for leaves and leave changing in Wisconsin. I love watching things change and the reference for business or life reflection as well.
Day 8 of 365

For me time away equals so many things, like right now I am blogging on the hotel wifi which isn't the best but it will work, while watching my child play in the pool with other children.

All of this brings reflection, like how much this time means to me. I don't like to swim but I like to watch her have fun.  So then I think about my business and how I don't like not having clients but getting my name out there isn't the easiest either.

I am on a mission today to take my business to the next level, yes from a hotel swimming pool 4 hours from my home. Why can't business take you anywhere? Anywhere in the world?

Here are my FIVE tips on taking this to the next level

1. Re-write your business plan:   Business plans are meant to be changed nothing about them is meant to be the same forever. A great time to make changes is when you are thinking about them, another time is seasonal. So think about it, every 3 months give or take a few days there is a season change. This gives you time to implement things you have wanted to work on and then change them up. Every three months is a great time frame to re evaluate what you are doing and change it to do something better.

2. Build content and have supporting content:   Social media is here to stay, no matter if it is the newest platform or if there is a new one around the corner coming out. Stay ahead of the ball game and know what works for you and your business. Sometimes what works for one persons business doesn't work for another persons business. That's where talking with a social media planner or marketer comes in to place, both of you can decide what will work for your business.

3. Track your expenses:   This one is tough, being apart of so many communities on Facebook and other places, makes me go for what is good to track and what is not worth it. This is something me and for sure a lot of other people need to work on.  Doing business evaluation brings to light how much I have been tracking everything I should be tracking and how much more I should be tracking.

4. Connect with others and your community:   Being a social media and photography business I do 90% of my work online or behind a screen. This is a problem because I am not letting people know I exist, I am also not letting people in my circle of friends and growing more word of mouth oppournities. So I am going to connect more with people, getting my name out there and meeting more people are all great goals to start to build clients.

5. Take care of yourself:  Being an entrepreneur is stressful and sometimes the hardest thing you will ever do. So give yourself a break every now and then. Get away take a family trip or a mini vacation. A mini vacation can consist of just going somewhere you've never been and seeing something you've never seen. Doing this can re spark your creativity and your inspiration, rejuvenate your mind and soul all while giving you much needed family time.

Much needed Family time and Reflection!