WOAH! Where has this month gone? Dealing with so many changes in my life is something I am still working on.. Becoming sick is never something you want to happen either. That is what I am working on. It is allergy season, and of course we are moving to a new building at my 9-5 job so dust and other particles are being stirred up and it is causing tons of breathing problems.

In the midst of all of this I have decided that I am going to take on some clients for social media managing. I started this business with this in the back of my mind. This is why it is named Studio 1415, instead of photography. Because my business is going to grow to be so much more.

This step of Social Media Management, I am working with some great companies and I am excited to extend this amazing service even more! As for today's part of the 365... Well I was going to post this disgusting picture of my toilet paper to prove that I am sick but I will spare everyone.

I am working on a beer project and this project is going to be posted soon of Facebook!