Since it's the spirit of Halloween I thought I'd talk about the creepy and the crawly followers we get and remember that we need to remember to protect ourselves online. 

Social media is an awesome place to connect with friends, prospects and so much more. My self included sometimes don't think of the dangers of social media, and how to protect ourselves. 

Here are some things to think about when doing social media. 

If you are a blogger and are posting photos of your family watch out for geo tags and location tagging. It is always best to take photos and post them after you are back home this way people are not aware you are not home at that time. It's always a great idea to not post details of places where your children frequent. 

If you are doing family posts online make up a nickname for them online. This keeps from their real name being out in the public eye and with all the creepy things that could happen if you put a fake name online that your child doesn't know about, if someone were to try to get them in to their car they would know a strange danger situation. 

Social media for children is something else that is tough. Some parents crest their children an account so early in life or some people let their children on social media at a younger age. This needs to be supervised. There are so many people that crest fake profiles to gain information you never actually know if it is that person of it if is a case where it's not that person and it is someone preparing to kidnap your child.

Tips to help you out: 

Check out apps that help you monitor what they are doing online.

Remember that this is a privilege for them to be on these sites and forms of bullying and telling people where they are located could harm them. 

Make sure you use an email address and password that you have access to so you are in control of these sites at all times.

Follow and be friends with your children. Yes this may not be "cool" but it's not cool to not have them either so let them pick which evil they would like. 

Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain