Setting up a new business is tough as it is.. being strong when you just want to scream your head off is another job I am not sure I am ready for..  I have to remain positive.  I keep telling my self that no matter what the circumstances are I need to stay positive so this is me creating new motivational drawings to help my self remember that this is going to be tough and I am going to get through it.

Social Media and Photography go hand in hand. Building content for any sort of page needs to be visual. People are even getting bored with photos and want more so videos is the next hot thing but there is still a place in everyone's hearts for a good photo, or a photo that brings back a memory or a photo that invokes thought. This has been one of my struggles from the start. I was always looking at where my next customer was going to come from instead of how to make a client keep coming back.

Then the birth of social media happened. Myspace was amazing you found people that you never thought you were going to see again... a few years later Facebook came off of college only and everyone was now on Facebook. To this day Facebook is a force to be awed.  It is quite funny no matter how much nothing else on my phone will load Facebook will always load. Why is that? Is it because Facebook is so well integrated in our systems that we are willing to overlook some problems it's having?

Having so many different Social Media platforms is tough for one to do, especially in the business world so then the birth of Social Media Management companies came about. What do we do with those and how do we keep them working for us so we can attend to our other business needs?

All of these questions today are posed with all the thoughts and highlights of what my business is turning into. I am excited to be moving forward and getting more and more insight on what I need to work on and where I can be more successful.  Remember in the beginning of this post where I said I need to be positive? I am passing this along to you as well!