Day two! 

Day two of my 365 challenge each day this is going to get harder and harder to find something to photograph or do, to change things up and to create things people have never seen. But to be honest photography is all about one persons point of view. I am excited to share this adventure with you. 

Being apart of some of challenges or things that get your creative juices flowing helps in so many different ways, but on social media having creative unique content always makes people stop and think about what you are up too. 

How about doing something different every day. That is my goal, to read or do something different every day to help myself grow. Today I am photographing something different. This photo is actually junk on my desk edited with some apps on my phone to look this way. I am excited how it turned out! 

You can be amazed on how some of the apps on the phones work. This app was Circular the photo editing app.  This app can be found on the Apple App store, I am not sure about the google play store. While I looked it up nothing came up that looked similar. 

Have fun while playing with a new editing app!