Welcome October

Photography is a tough business, especially with all the smart phones that are in the world and all the people that want to be a photographer with the DSLR cameras.

The thing we have to look at that brings the most to us is that we are happy in what we are doing and where we are doing it.

In the photography business portraits are most people's bread and butter. If you don't do portraits then you are not making money. Well I don't want that to be true in any case. I want to be able to make money with photography in many different ways.

Social media is one of the best ways to get your name out in the public's eye. Do something major and no one will ever forget it. Do nothing and no one will ever know you existed.

My goal is to do something MAJOR!

This is the NEW launch of Studio 1415, Which stands for Social Media & Photography.

This relaunch brings in my favorite things. Social Media Marketing and Photography. Social media is a great outlet to get out in the public’s eye. It is amazing how you portray your business to be something bigger and better and all of the sudden it happens, because of social media. This is the path I am going to take. Join me on this journey. I will still be doing portraits of course but it will be mostly Social Media!

This also relaunch also brings in art. After being away from it for so long I have decided that I want to focus on going back to art photography, stuff people want to find places for on their walls. So in order to do this there will be a lot of fun and exciting trips to plan and even more art shows to go to, please help support local business and friends and family's when choosing Christmas presents!
Thanks for checking out the new page please love a comment on what you thought! See you again soon! Challenge 365 accepted!