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How to get organized with Trello

Holidays start to bring out the forgetful brain in me. I don't know where I put things how to do things or where to go with things. It's sometimes like my short term memory just disappears. I forget peoples names, I wonder where I put my socks (they are u…

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BAM- Marketing on Twitter (lesson 1) Connections

Twitter in it's self is a hard shell to crack. Most people on this network are there to share what they do, as well as connect with other businesses. It is MOSTLY a business to business but there is a niche there because while it may be where businesses go to t…

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10 Awesome & Creative ways to introduce yourself

We have all been places where we didn't know anyone or joined a new place but didn't know what to say about certain things when joining new groups or people for a chat it gets crazy intimidating sometimes, this could even be after not seeing someone fo…

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