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How to get organized with Trello

Holidays start to bring out the forgetful brain in me. I don't know where I put things how to do things or where to go with things. It's sometimes like my short term memory just disappears. I forget peoples names, I wonder where I put my socks (they are usually on my feet) chaos truly erupts.

So I found Trello. I was searching through apps on the App Store and it pop up under productivity. I said well lets give it a try. So I went for it. Found my self organizing things and playing with things at a lighting speed. Then I wanted to see if there was anything else like Trello. While there are lot's of imposters to be honest the best one I have found is Trello it's self.

This year I created a wish list for Christmas board. So far for me this has been amazing.

I show a quick little video here on how I create and move things.. there is no sound and it is quick like I said.. But I am also offering a link to the board it's self so you can use it on your own as well just c…

BAM- Marketing on Twitter (lesson 1) Connections

Twitter in it's self is a hard shell to crack. Most people on this network are there to share what they do, as well as connect with other businesses. It is MOSTLY a business to business but there is a niche there because while it may be where businesses go to tweet about what they do or are doing there are people behind that. If they are anything like me they also have about two twitter accounts one for their business and one for their personal.

Getting around on twitter is simple, you just have to remember to keep up with it. Once you start on twitter you don't want to go back and be like oh sorry I haven't been on here in years. Not how to get new clients and customers to pay attention to your brand.

Twitter is about making connections, as is any social media. Twitter this becomes more valuable.

Making the first connection is tough but getting those valuable followers is always a rush for me. I enjoy thanking them for following me and I let them know that I am always ha…

10 Awesome & Creative ways to introduce yourself

We have all been places where we didn't know anyone or joined a new place but didn't know what to say about certain things when joining new groups or people for a chat it gets crazy intimidating sometimes, this could even be after not seeing someone for 10 years. Here are my 10 tips to introduce yourself.

1. People like to hear their name

So many people get caught up in their own minds that we forget things, so I make it a point to say someones name 3 times in a verbal conversation and at least once in a written conversation. I do this because people like to hear their name, and it focuses people. So if you are droning on and on, people will tune you out, it happens don't take offense. Saying their name is like a snap back to your convo.  My creative way to do this is to think of a way to remember their name, and face. So I look at them and in my head ( names bob) I go Bob Bob Bob the man with the prob... he has a ______ and doesn't know what to do.. I sing this in my …