Twitter in it's self is a hard shell to crack. Most people on this network are there to share what they do, as well as connect with other businesses. It is MOSTLY a business to business but there is a niche there because while it may be where businesses go to tweet about what they do or are doing there are people behind that. If they are anything like me they also have about two twitter accounts one for their business and one for their personal.

Getting around on twitter is simple, you just have to remember to keep up with it. Once you start on twitter you don't want to go back and be like oh sorry I haven't been on here in years. Not how to get new clients and customers to pay attention to your brand.

Twitter is about making connections, as is any social media. Twitter this becomes more valuable.

Making the first connection is tough but getting those valuable followers is always a rush for me. I enjoy thanking them for following me and I let them know that I am always happy to connect.

After this I talk with people who's bio interests me as well as people that I am curious on what they do. I truly connect, I ask them how they are, what they do, how long they been doing it, ect I don't tell  or pitch them anything. If they ask... then I offer but sometimes it is just best to connect with people.

I share posts as well Re-tweeting things that pertain to my business and what I do. To become an influncer you have to be willing to share no matter if you were the person that created the content or not. I only schedule 4 posts a day. You can see somedays those are the only posts that get posted. Other days you will see that I was involved in a twitter chat or the CMAs were on and I went crazy. This helps make sure I am always posting something, but genuine content is best if it is fresh and real. So that's why my twitter is full of the CMA's lol.. I love that award show more than any other.

So remember to connect with your followers, or people that you want to follow you. People will follow you if you are real and your content is worthy. Say hello every now and then.

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