Holidays start to bring out the forgetful brain in me. I don't know where I put things how to do things or where to go with things. It's sometimes like my short term memory just disappears. I forget peoples names, I wonder where I put my socks (they are usually on my feet) chaos truly erupts.

So I found Trello. I was searching through apps on the App Store and it pop up under productivity. I said well lets give it a try. So I went for it. Found my self organizing things and playing with things at a lighting speed. Then I wanted to see if there was anything else like Trello. While there are lot's of imposters to be honest the best one I have found is Trello it's self.

This year I created a wish list for Christmas board. So far for me this has been amazing.

I show a quick little video here on how I create and move things.. there is no sound and it is quick like I said.. But I am also offering a link to the board it's self so you can use it on your own as well just copy it!

Here is the link to the Trello Board so you can have it for Free as well! Christmas List

Here are a few more things I've added since I made the video. Receipts and where I am keeping them & Budget are a few things on my list now so I don't over spend.

If you are interested check out how to get Trello Gold it gives your Trello a little more oomph and you can make it as a brand or as custom as you want.