We have all been places where we didn't know anyone or joined a new place but didn't know what to say about certain things when joining new groups or people for a chat it gets crazy intimidating sometimes, this could even be after not seeing someone for 10 years. Here are my 10 tips to introduce yourself.

1. People like to hear their name

So many people get caught up in their own minds that we forget things, so I make it a point to say someones name 3 times in a verbal conversation and at least once in a written conversation. I do this because people like to hear their name, and it focuses people. So if you are droning on and on, people will tune you out, it happens don't take offense. Saying their name is like a snap back to your convo.  My creative way to do this is to think of a way to remember their name, and face. So I look at them and in my head ( names bob) I go Bob Bob Bob the man with the prob... he has a ______ and doesn't know what to do.. I sing this in my head while I am pulling up an account or something and this helps me remember his name. I also write it down and look at it on the computer incase his problem gets to intense. But SINGING a song is a creative way to remember. Ok so this step wasn't creative or inspiring but it is important... but now to the exciting ones!

2. Introductions to a group ( online )

When I join a new group lets say on facebook or pinterest or any place really I try hard to say hi in the first few days of being in the group. People don't know that you enter a group most times unless you are announced so. I give them a few facts about myself and crack a little joke like ya know, I am big and I know it *body positive*  I share an important photo to myself or my business and I comment on other people's posts so that they know I have an opinion. This usually gets people interested in what I do. My creative way to get people to engage is to share a cool photo on this introduction post. One that gets attention or that has deep meaning depending on the type of group I am joining.  Sometimes a great quote works sometimes a flatlay with all my favorite things in it works better.

3. Introductions on a blog

Blog introductions seem to be harder, because most times you feel like you blog has to have a minimum of this or a lot of that So I go through a check list.

  • Who I am 
  • What I do
  • Why I am here
  • What I offer you
  • 3 crazy personal things about me to help them connect
  • 2 things I want to know about you
  • 1 crazy business thing that has happened

4. Introductions to a group ( in person )

Group introductions bite... Seriously, if it wasn't already awkward enough being in a place where you don't know anyone being someplace where you have to introduce yourself is even harder. Think like Speech 101 and the topic is politics or religion and you have to go against everything you believe awkward. Ok maybe I am a little dramatic, I prefer the screen groups than public groups. While there are sometimes I like to be center of attention, I am not sure public is one of those times, so I typically think of different things to say before the situation happens. This way the nerves can get out of my brain and something useful can get in it.  Example: people are talking .. my brain goes "thats what she said" and I don't think I just say it... = people that walk away or friends for life

5. Saying hi after a long time not posting

These are usually the toughest to figure out. Being honest with people is my truest tip on this one. Tell people why you were away. You may actually gain followers because of your honesty and what ever struggles you were having they may have had them too.

6. Introductions from friends

SMILE- this is my creative and amazing tip for this... these people think so highly of you that you that they are bring you to another person to talk to. So smile don't fake interest be interested. Figure out one thing about them that you can like. This doesn't mean they are going to be your best friend also, this also doesn't mean that they care anything about you. But for a slim moment you are in their
life. There is a reason for this, keep calm be kind.

7. The comeback or rebranded hi

Tell people something unique this is one of the easiest ways to let people know you are back. By saying hi, I've missed you all incase you don't remember I am the crazy woman who loves boots and healing stones and who listens to Christmas music in September. It's unique and it's you.

8. Welcoming others in your introduction

This is sometimes easier said than done, but be who you are and let them know about it. While doing this you can welcome others so something like Hi I am Jenni, I am yada yada yada, I would love to welcome Samantha she is a yada yada yada etc. Then if your anything like me you crack a slightly humorous joke at the end.

9. Thanking in your introduction

Thanking people in your introduction is also awesome because people are getting recognized for something. Most people like being recognized for things so this is one true way to get a way up in your totem of introductions.  Thank you Kathy for introducing me if there is anyway I can help out please let me know. I am Jennifer  and I love yada yada yada.

10. Signing off in your introduction

I think saying see you soon in an introduction is sometimes important. You need to figure out what the best way to do this is. Signing off and asking a question to get more engagement is one easiest ways to say see you soon. Example: Thanks for listening or reading tell you what you thought or Thanks for reading should I do this again? *even if no one answers do it again*

What did you think of this post ;)    - Jennifer